Review of Maritime Transport 2014

The Review of Maritime Transport 2014 has been prepared by UNCTAD. The preparation was coordinated by
Jan Hoffmann with administrative support and formatting by Wendy Juan, under the supervision of José María Rubiato,
and the overall guidance of Anne Miroux. Contributors were Regina Asariotis, Hassiba Benamara, Poul Hansen,
Jan Hoffmann, Anila Premti, José María Rubiato, Vincent Valentine and Frida Youssef. Substantive contributions were
also received from John R. Moon and Pablo Achurra.
The publication was edited by John Rogers. The cover was designed by Sophie Combette and Nadège Hadjemian.
The desktop publishing was carried out by Nathalie Loriot.
The considered comments and valuable input provided by the following reviewers are gratefully acknowledged:
Chapter 1: Clarkson Research Services and Tracy Chatman
Chapter 2: Clarkson Research Services, Pierre Latrille and Lefteris Papapostolou
Chapter 3: Nancy Drakou, Robert Piller and Ilias Visvikis
Chapter 4: Mary R. Brooks, Ki-Soon Hwang and Dong-Wook Song
Chapter 5: Mahin Faghfouri, Stephen Fevrier, André Stochniol and Matthew Wilson
Chapter 6: John R. Moon
Thanks are also due to Vladislav Chouvalov for reviewing the publication in full

United Nation’s 2014 Maritime Report from United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

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